Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life

The LCCL(SA) is an association of the elected leaders, men and women, of Religious Congregations or Societies of Apostolic Life (legally called: Institutes of …) in Southern Africa.

The purposes of the LCCL(SA) are:

  • To promote the welfare of the Institutes, to foster their religious spirit and their apostolic work, while respecting the autonomy, nature and spirit of each;
  • To promote the efficacy of each leader in their own Institutes;
  • To foster the spirit and apostolic work of the Institutes and to cooperate closely and cordially with the hierarchy, clergy and laity;
  • To represent the Institutes before the lawful authorities, ecclesial and civil;
  • To maintain regular contact with the Holy See and its representative as well as the appropriate Roman Congregations and with the International Union of Superiors General.


The LCCL(SA) helps the leaders of Religious Institutes to speak with one voice and to promote programmes and raise awareness on issues affecting the lives of many people on national and international levels.
Contact details
P.O. Box 52 042, Saxonwold 2132
Tel & Fax: (011) 327 0145