(Province of Cape Town)

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Right Reverend
Nominated Bishop of Oudtshoorn on 28 May 2010. Ordained on Saturday 17 July 2010 in Oudtshoorn.

44 St. Saviour Street, Oudtshoorn, 6625
PO Box 97,Oudtshoorn, 6620.
Tel: (044) 279 1715
Tel: (044) 272 7915
Fax: (044) 272 8908
E-mail: biskop@bisdomoudtshoorn.org
Website: www.bisdomoudtshoorn.org



The Diocese of Oudtshoorn was established as the Central Prefecture by decree of the Holy See on 24 May 1872. It had been part of the Western Vicariate. On the 13 July 1874 it was entrusted to the “Missionaries for African Missions of Lyons”. When the Fathers of Lyons left the Central Prefecture in 1882, the Western part of the Prefecture was given to the Oblates of St Francis of Sales and a new Prefecture erected in 1884. The Eastern part again came under the jurisdiction of the Vicar Apostolic of the Western Vicariate as the Central Prefecture until 1922, When it was separated from the Western Vicariate and entrusted to the Pious Society of Missions, now called the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Fathers).

On 13 July 1939, the Central Prefecture was changed to Prefecture of Oudtshoorn which was raised to the status of Vicariate on 9 December 1948. The Diocese of Oudtshoorn was constituted on the establishment of the Hierarchy, 11 January 1951. It has for its boundaries on the West, the eastern boundaries of Bredasdorp, Caledon, Paarl, Malmesbury, Clanwilliam, Van Rhynsdorp and Namaqualand districts; on the North, the southern boundaries of Kenhardt and Prieska districts; on the East, the western boundaries of Britstown, Richmond, Murraysburg, Aberdeen, Jansenville and Humansdorp districts. And on the South the Indian Ocean and the northern boundaries of Caledon and Bredasdorp districts. By Decree of the Holy See the districts Calvinia and Wlliston were separated from Oudtshoorn Diocese in 1979 and are now under pastoral care of Keimoes Diocese.

Area: 113 343 sq.km.             Total Pop: 860 000               Cath. Pop: 28 500



– Rev Fr Davenoille, Prefect Apostolic 1874
– Rev Fr Gaudeul, Prefect Apostolic 1882, The Vicars Apostolic of Cape Town, 1882-1992
– Rt Rev Bishop F Hennemann, SAC, Titular Bishop of Coptus, Prefect Apostolic 1922-33
– Rt Rev Mgr T Koenig, SAC, Prefect Apostolic 1934-48.
– Rt Rev B Hippel, SAC, Titular Bishop of Abora, Vicar Apostolic of Oudtshoorn, 1948-51 became Bishop of Oudtshoorn with establishment of the Hierarchy on 11 January 1951. He retired 29 September 1968 and died 7 November 1970.
– Rev Fr J Risner, SAC, was Apostolic Administrator 1968 to June 1969
– Rt Rev Bishop M Gottschalk, SAC, was consecrated bishop, 11 June 1969 and died 20 April 1982
– Rt Rev Bishop Edward Robert Adams, nominated Bishop of Oudtshoorn on 02 May 1983 and consecrated Bishop of Oudtshoorn by Owen Cardinal McCann† on 16 July 1983 at St. Saviour’s Cathedral, Oudtshoorn. Retired on May 28, 2010.



Diocesan Chancery
Street Address: 44 St. Saviour Street, OUDTSHOORN.
Postal Address: PO Box 97, OUDTSHOORN, 6620. Tel: (044) 279 1715,
Fax: (044) 2728908
E-mail: bisdmodn@mweb.co.za
E-mail: admin@bisdomoudtshoorn.org
Website: www.bisdomoudtshoorn.org

Vicar General
Fr. J. Atkinson
PO Box 149, KNYSNA, 6570.
Tel: (044) 382 1391, Fax: (044) 382 1391
E-mail: vg@bisdomoudtshoorn.org

Fr. D. W. Dettmer C.O.
PO Box 407, OUDTSHOORN, 6620
Tel: (044) 2794083, Fax: (044) 2720822.
E-mail: kanselier@bisdomoudtshoorn.org

Vice Chancellor and Secretary
Mr. W. Lamont
PO Box 97, OUDTSHOORN, 6620
Tel: (044) 279 1715
E-mail: admin@bisdomoudtshoorn.org
E-mail: w.lamont@mweb.co.za

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