(Province of Pretoria)

Our Lady of Sorrows

Right Reverend
(Apostolic Administrator)
Appointed Apostolic Administrator in 2017
PO Box 218
Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: (00267) 395 2928 / Tel: (00267) 391 2958
Fax: (00267) 390 9572 / (00267) 390 9572.
Cell: 00267 7161 3932


The two Lilies represent the love between my father and mother in their bond of Marriage inspired by the Holy Spouses Mary and Joseph.

The Bible is the Word of God. It is the source of my daily inspiration and spiritual life. I am called to continue to read and listen to the Word of God, to believe, to put into practice and to teach what I believe.
The cows pulling a plough and a man behind holding firm symbolize the rich culture, wealth, wisdom and the tradition of my People, the Batswana. They are unided by the value of ‘BOTHO’.

The white lines on sky-blue colour symbolize rain. Due to the climatic conditions in Botswana, the value of rain is very much appreciated. ‘PULA’ means rain in Setswana. It gives life. It is a gift of Love from God.
The hill with a dove coming down is Kgale Hill. This is the place where the Catholic Church was born in Botswana. The Catholic Church started in Kgale farm in 1928 and spread from here to villages and towns in Botswana.

The five red marks on the Cross are the five stigmata of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The blue colour at the bottom of the shield is a Marian colour and reminds us of the sorrowful Mother of God who is the patroness of the Diocese of Gaborone.

The Motto, “Deus Caritas Est” is God who out of Love called me to serve his people as a Priest and now as a Bishop. I have experienced God’s love in my life and I am called to preach and to witness this love to His people. I am a Valentine with a real big heart. My predecessor has the words Caritas and Justice in his motto. He is a man of Love and Justice and he is loved by people. I intend to continue witnessing the Great love of God.


– Rt Rev Bishop U C J Murphy, CP was ordained 14 September 1966 and died 27 February 1981.
– Rt Rev Bishop Boniface Tshosa Setlalekgosi was Appointed Bishop of Gaborone 15th December 1981 he was ordained Bishop 6 March 1982, in Gaborone, Republic of Botswana, Southern Africa. Retired 25th April 2009.


On 24 April 1959, Bechuanaland was constituted as a prefecture Apostolic and Confided to the care of the Passionist Congregation (St Patrick’s Province, Ireland). On 5th August 1966 it became the Diocese of Gaborone.

Area: 109 005  Total Pop: 750 000 Cath. Pop: 70 000


Fr. John Corrigan, CP
PO Box 218, Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: (00267) 391 2958, Fax: (00267) 395 6970

Chancellor and Secretary
Fr John Corrigan, CP
PO Box 218, Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: (00267) 391 2958, Fax: (00267) 395 6970 / (00267) 390 9572

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