CATHCA (Catholic Health Care Association)

Health care in a region of widespread poverty, disease and hardship is a major concern to the Catholic Church which has a long tradition of running and serving facilities such as hospitals, maternity homes, clinics and hospices.

CATHCA is an umbrella organisation to Catholic clinics, hospitals and health care organisations in its network, supporting these organisations in providing holistic and excellent health care in the nine provinces of South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland.

At present South Africa has two Catholic hospitals, about 32 clinics, 10 hospices, many orphanages and day-care centres, and an ever growing number of diocesan and parish and community-based health organisations. Many of these new organisations have arisen as a part of the Church’s active response to the AIDS pandemic.

CATHCA’s vision is to provide a high-quality affordable health care service to the poorest and most marginalised people in the land, in the spirit of the humble service of Christ and in co-operation with others. CATHCA’s mission is to affirm, develop and support both individual Catholic health care workers and the network, in conjunction with all other role-players.

CATHCA has a board of management comprising professional health workers and church representatives which meets quarterly and sees to the implementation of vision and mission. A finance committee reports quarterly to the board. Day-to-day responsibility rests with the director and staff of four at the national office in Johannesburg. The director reports to the executive committee and the board of management.

CATHCA is a non-profit organisation (NPO number 006-174; PBO 18/11/13/3636). The membership fee is R750 for clinics and R350 for organisations. Administration and programmes are supported through local and international fundraising.



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