Office for Communication and Media

The Vatican Pastoral Instruction Aetatis Novae emphasises the Church’s need to engage with the mass media and major events and issues of the times – an engagement that is informative, interpretative and critical.

Through the media the Church fulfils its evangelising mission by conveying Gospel values to our society – through social communications the Church tries to be an influence for good in the way people think and behave, striving to build a world of greater justice, compassion and hope.

Print, television and radio journalists call the Social Communications Office for the Church’s opinion on specific events or issues, either at national or international level. The office also produces appropriate press releases in response to happenings in society that have moral and social implications.

The office is the interface between the media and the bishops. The information officer does research and collects information for drafting statements on specific issues and is a source of contact details of suitable Catholic specialists who could comment on particular topics on television or radio programmes.

The office serves Khanya House departments in media matters, organises press conferences for the bishops and other church personnel, and communicates church news to Catholic media.

The secretary is responsible for updating the Conference website and maintaining up-to-date data on addresses of journalists, media agencies, bishops, priests and religious, and other interested parties.


Communication and Media Officer

Fr Mothobi Paul Tatu CSS

Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference
399 Paul Kruger Street
P.O.Box 941
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 323 6458
Fax: +27 12 326 6218